How we process your order

1. Check the file

Size –  We ensure that the size print that you have chosen is compatible with the image you have sent.

Quality – We always check for any file corruption, plus we check the colour, contrast and brightness of the image. We ensure you that we can produce a quality photo print. If we have any doubts or suggestions to improve your print we will contact you.

2. Print the file

Canvas Prints – The Epson Stylus Pro 9800 is regarded as the industry standard for quality photo and art printing. We use this printer for our canvas prints. We use 800 gm Breathing Colour digital art canvas made in the USA. This is generally regarded as the best art canvas available. The ink we use is guaranteed to be fade resistant for 60 years.

Photo prints – The Epson Stylus Pro 7880 is  regarded as the industry standard for quality photo and art printing. We use this printer for our photo prints. We use a Premium Lustre Breathing Clour photo paper that produces an outstanding clear photographic print. The ink we use is guaranteed to be fade resistant  for 60 years.

3. Make the Frame  & Stretch the Canvas – Canvas Prints

We make each frame to size specifically for each canvas print. This is made from kiln dried pine and is put together in our studio.

Each canvas print is stretched and wrapped in our studio. We string with quality framing string so it is ready to hang on your wall. We tape and finish the edges of the stretched canvas. We add foam leveling dots on the edge of the print to help it sit flat on the wall. We spray the canvas print with a 2 coats of lacquer to provide a protective surface to help guard against spills and other possible damage.

or 3. Prepare the Block & Apply the Photo – Photoblocks

Our Photoblocks are cut from 18 mm Customwood. We use this weight block to prevent any warping or twisting and to add an additional presence to the block when it is displayed. Our Photoblocks are professionally powder coated to provide a smooth enamel like finish. Our Photo block default colour is black.

We apply a double sided adhesive to the block and then using a roller machine to ensure an immaculate wrinkle free finish we roll on the photographic print. On smaller blocks we screw on an eyelet for hanging on the bigger blocks we provide a framing string. Again we provide foam leveling dots to help hold the block flat on the wall.